Software Review: iZotope Nectar

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

iZotope Nectar: Complete Vocal Suite
List Price:$299.00

iZotope Nectar is a complete vocal processing suite, all in a signal plug-in, from the makers of other suite-style plug-ins like Ozone and Alloy. Nectar puts 100% of its power into crafting and editing vocal performances, and includes 11 vocal processors within the suite. As standard with other iZotope suites, compression, EQ, reverb, and limiting are included as well as effects that are typically used with vocals like pitch correction, gating, saturation, delay, reverb, and de-essing. There’s also a new “breath control” effect that will automatically detect, and suppress, breaths during a vocal performance. As we’ve come to expect from iZotope, work flow inside the suite is brilliant. It’s never been easier to quickly find the vocal sound you’ve been imagining and bring it right into your session. By first selecting a genre, such as jazz or folk, and then an accompanying style, Nectar will load a complete signal chain of effects that provide a great jumping off point to get the sound you’re looking for. Each individual parameter of each preset can be adjusted to your taste, and effect chains can be altered to further tweak and perfect your vocals. As was the case with iZotope Alloy, CPU usage and latency have been taken into account with Nectar. In order to maximize usage and minimize latency, Nectar can be switched into a Tracking Mode, which reduces latency by limiting the amount of look-ahead algorithms that the plug-in uses. Ease of use, combined with raw power and value, make Nectar a fantastic addition to any engineer’s virtual rack.

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