Software Review: Notion 3

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Notion 3
List Price: $299.00

Upon opening the Notion 3 box, users are greeted with this quote: “The next great thing in music will never come from a company or some shiny new machine. It’ll come from you.” Inspiration has struck. The tricky part now is to be able to create music without the software getting in the way. Ideally, the software should aid you in realizing the music you’re hearing in your head, never limiting you, and lift you up and reinvigorate you when you hit a stumbling block. Simply put, Notion 3 is ideal. If you’re using this software, the goal is to compose, record, or perform music. Notion 3 does it all, in a variety of ways. Work flow seems to have been the goal in creating this newest version of Notion, and this notation program functions beautifully. Notion 3 is loaded with cool features, and the Sequencer Staff is a standout. The usual method for writing a score using a notation program is to choose a note value, then play, or draw in the note. With the Sequencer Staff, you can play and Notion 3 will record your MIDI notes onto a staff, which can be played back or edited. If you’re composing for guitar or bass, an interactive fretboard is also handy and intuitive. Also extremely useful are the score presets, which allow you to choose various templates, suited from a rock band all the way to a full orchestra. The samples are incredible. If in the course of your composition, trouble should occur, the sound of these samples just may pull you back out. Included samples feature the London Symphony Orchestra, and also members of the Flecktones on piano, bass, guitar, and percussion. A full audio mixer, with inserts for effects, is also included.

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