Song Premiere: Casey Neill & the Norway Rats, “My Little Dark Rose”


Casey Neill & The Norway Rats
Casey Neill & the Norway Rats are proud of their Portland roots. It was that hometown pride that inspired their track “My Little Dark Rose,” a message to the rest of the world that the city is not what people may think it is – it’s quite a bit more.

“”My Little Dark Rose” is about the Portland underbelly that is rarely represented in modern characterizations of our city,” says Neill. “This is the Portland of grey rain on the industrial riverside, loud bands, street youth, and old man dive bars. The music has been inexorably tied to that part of life and the song name checks two of the greatest PDX bands ever – Dead Moon and Greg Sage & The Wipers. It’s a tribute to the shared history of people I’ve known and loved here.”

The track, an Irish drinking song gone post-punk, has roots of its own.  “Some of the lyrics are derived from the Irish Gaelic song ‘Roisin Dubh’ which translates as ‘Little Dark Rose’,” says Neill.

Check out “My Little Dark Rose” below.


  1. Nice article, and what a treat to get to hear a “sneak peak of the new release! I am SO excited to be moving back to Portland just in time for the release of “All You Pretty Vandals” A native Portlander of Irish decent, this song makes me ache for both Dublin and ‘Little Beirut’. Casey Neill and the Norway Rats are a local treasure, and it’s really good to see them getting some much deserved props!

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