Song Premiere: Jay Stolar, “Like You Do”


jay stolar

More Than We Think, the debut album from former Julius C frontman and Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Jay Stolar, is set to be released later this year and if “Like You Do” is any indication, he’s about to be hit with a whole lot of buzz. Matching upbeat melody with soulful Blakean (James, not William) vocals, “Like You Do” is rich in harmony and ooh-ooh-ooh-oohs (on “you,” naturally) complemented by the increasingly rousing rhythms.

As for the end product, says Stolar, “I really wanted to capture the idea that true faith lies beneath a veil of doubt. I think we all face that in relationships. We get scared and try to pull away but once we really face that fear, and give in to it, that’s when real love is possible. I think the double meaning of the phrase ‘like you do’ helps to get that point across. In the verses ‘like you do’ is coming out of fear, but by the end of the song ‘like you do’  is coming from a place of awe and excitement.”




  1. Awesome! Jay is such a performer and his songs are always full of soul and life.
    This song is no exception.
    Great job, Jay! 🙂

  2. I think Jay has written the perfect example of a love song that is realistic and heartfelt, while not overdoing it or making the love seem commercialized. It’s sweet, touching, and explains how it’s possible that there is that special something in everyone you meet, that is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen in anyone else before. It explains uniqueness in a non-clichĂ© way. I have had the privilege of watching this song transform into the song it is today, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the outcome.

    Jay, I cannot wait to hear the rest of your album!

  3. I love this song so much! It’s always a crowd favorite. When I introduce anyone to Jay’s music they always fall in love with this one immediately. It’s amazing.

  4. Fantastic song. The kind that makes your heart thump and dance in your chest. Love Jay, love his music.

  5. This is a beautiful song! It is honest and uplifting, carrying all the energy Jay brings to it on the stage. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

  6. I was lucky to watch him perform this song twice (Chicago & Madison). He works the crowd so well with this song and it’s the first one of his that I always share with my friends to get them hooked to his music.

    A definite fan favorite.

  7. I am in love with this song and Jay’s voice! I need to see him live again, he is one of the most amazing live performers I know.

    *hits the replay button*

  8. It makes me happy to see Jay getting the recognition he deserves :). Awesome musician and performed and even cooler guy!

  9. Jay is such an Amazing Performer! This is absolutely one of my favorite songs of his! Was lucky enough to hear this song Live In Arizona and its nothing But amazing. He brings so much energy and soul to his performances its quite Awesome!

    Amazing Musician and Amazing Song!

    Go Jay!

  10. Listening to Jay is like a religious experience set to music, it speaks truths, lifts your spirits, renews your soul, gives you hope.

  11. Jay Stolar is one of those amazing multi-talented artists : music, lyrics, singing… I really love everything he has done so far, Like You Do included. It’s fresh and unique. LYD is most definitely on my summer playlist. I can’t wait to listen to his album!

  12. I saw Jay in Boston this past Friday, and it was the first time I’d cried at a concert since I was fourteen. His music really reaches out to you, and helps you to make sense of your own emotions; in this song, Jay finds all the right words that you never seem to be able to find yourself. There are so many songs out there that just give me a headache, but this song is like a respite from the annoying pop songs and nauseating, repetitive beats.

    Jay’s music… it moves you. I think most artists lose the message they’re trying to convey in their songs- Jay never has that problem. And I can’t wait for his album to be released- I have no doubt it will be well worth the wait 🙂


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