Song Premiere: Jefferson Friedman, Craig Wedren and ACME, “Fight Song (Show Them The Floor)”


The Band: The ever-innovative Craig Wedren’s latest project, a collaboration with composer Jefferson Friedman and modern classical group ACME.
The Song: “Fight Song (Show Them The Floor),” from their upcoming debut On In Love. Watch a trailer for the album below.
Liner Notes: “If you put John Philip Sousa and Black Flag in an orchestra/mosh pit, you’d get ‘Fight Song (Show Them The Floor),” Wedren tells us. “‘Fight Song’ is a gladiatorial meditation on triumph, grit, the glory of battle, and a good ol’ fashioned boot stomping, in the classic and most sportsmanlike sense, when war was chivalrous, and lions might eat your head.”

“But also, it’s  is a cover of a school spirit anthem that never existed in the first place,” adds Friedman.


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