Song Premiere: The Narrative, “Chasing a Feeling”


The Artist: The Narrative
The Song: “Chasing a Feeling”
Fun Fact: This Long Island duo met on Craigslist.
Songwriter Says: “‘Chasing a Feeling’ is about accepting that life keeps moving forward, whether or not you’re ready for it. Being indecisive doesn’t stop everything around you from changing, and getting swept up in a really difficult moment in your life can feel endless but eventually it passes. It’s about time, how you spend it, and how it eventually brings you clarity and comfort.

Jesse [Gabriel] and I have a really supportive and collaborative writing process. This song in particular started on piano with a melody and a lyric. From there, we put together a drum machine beat and started exploring the feel of the song. We knew for this song we wanted a certain kind of guitar riff, and this is one of the first times we really focused on that jointly. Once we get a song in a good place, we invite some talented friends of ours to come play drums and bass and build the song more off of that collective energy.”




  1. Perfect timing listening to this now because yes my life right now needs what this song is all about! Thanks

  2. This is fantastic. Been really looking forward to new stuff from The Narrative for a long long time. This definitely does not disappoint.


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