Spire Pro For iOS Turns Your iPhone And iPad Into A Studio-Ready Mobile Vocal Booth

Spire Pro for iOS

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Spire for iOS is a handy, inventive app that allows musicians, songwriters and vocalist to easily record high-quality vocals anywhere on an iPhone or iPad. Spire Pro for iOS, their newest update, is a paid version which ups the app’s capabilities and offerings, including royalty-free hip-hop beats, vocal pitch modulation and a random effects generator.

Spire Pro for iOS

Produced and designed by iZotope, Spire initially debuted as a full-fledged and unique-looking hardware recording device with an accompanying app. With the unit, which we reviewed here, users could record and mix up to eight tracks of studio-quality music, which could then be exported to a DAW. That device is hard to find these days and when a new refresh is made on the hardware, we’ll break the news here.

The original Spire Studio portable recorder

Spire for iOS is a stand-alone app with two levels- free and paid. Spire Pro is the paid upgrade which gives users access to new, cutting-edge features and content as soon as they are released. Spire Pro now features iZotope RX’s award-winning audio repair technology which lets users remove unwanted noise, like a barking dog or refrigerator hum, from a recording.

Spire Pro incorporates key intuitive features which help turn first takes into potential final takes. Automatic Noise Removal reduces unwanted noise and Personalized Soundcheck sets proper levels by listening to your voice and surrounding environment.

After a 3-day free trial, Spire Pro is available for $4.99/mo or $47.99/yr. Note that this an Apple only subscription.

Here are a few of the features:

Personalized Soundcheck: By listening to your voice and environment, Spire Pro’s Soundcheck applies personalized processing to make sure your voice sounds clear and polished, no matter where you record.

Automatic Noise Removal: Whenever you record, Spire Pro uses iZotope RX’s award-winning audio repair technology to drastically reduce unwanted background noise, reverb and echo often experienced in an untreated room.

Virtual Pop Filter: Also with the help of iZotope RX’s audio repair tech, Spire Pro automatically cleans up pops and plosives from your vocal tracks—just like a virtual pop filter.

Spire Pro Beats: A collection of royalty-free hip-hop beats—produced exclusively for Spire Pro subscribers.

Tune: This creative effect uses tech from iZotope Nectar‘s Pitch Module to let users tune their vocals from natural to robotic.

Inspire Me: This mix effect generator randomly adds effects to any track, combining effects like static EQ, plate reverb, iZotope Trash distortion, echo, chorus, tremolo, phaser, flanger, and more with a roll of the dice.

Expanding tools: Frequent updates mean users will get the newest, cutting-edge recording features as soon as they are released, along with inspiring extras like beats, vocal effects like Lo-Shift and Hi-Shift, and more.

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