Stone Irr Chronicles Separation Anxiety on New Track “What I Do Best”


Photo courtesy of the artist

First things first: Stone Irr (say it out loud) is his real, legal name. That punny name is no matter, though, as the Indiana native makes gorgeous, intricate folk-pop that eclipses any stoner jokes you may be tempted to make. On his new tune “What I Do Best,” Irr channels the Beach Boys and Sufjan Stevens in equal measure, using ethereal, layered harmonies and a sweeping arrangement to tell the story of the dark places the mind can go when experiencing separation from a loved one.

“I was in the beginnings of a serious, long distance relationship when I wrote ‘What I Do Best,'” Irr says. “Although we lived only a few hours apart, my ex-partner traveled to New York City for a weekend and I experienced a surreal episode of separation anxiety. The song mainly addresses those times where your mind wanders and thinks the worst of someone else, no matter how stable things really are.”

“What I Do Best” is off Irr’s forthcoming album Sinner, out July 28. Listen to “What I Do Best” below.

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