Submersible Music Drumcore

LIST PRICE: $249.00

DrumCore_BoxGet less talk and more rock with this virtual drummer plug-in (RTAS/VSTi/AU) that puts the remarkable sound and talent of some of the best drummers alive right onto your tracks. Kitcore takes the work off your CPU and delivers the goods with a horde of varying drum sounds and styles set up in a no-hassle platform. And it’s cheap! DrumCore takes it to the extreme with samples from more than a dozen professional drummers (Sly Dunbar, Lonnie Wilson and Matt Cameron, to name just a few) playing in an abundance of grooves, doing what they do best. Prepare yourself for 32 GB of 48kHz/24-bit quality audio. Utilizing both audio loops and MIDI, DrumCore allows for the beat to sync to your desired tempo and be exported as a WAV, AIFF or REX2 just by dragging and dropping. MIDI grooves can be exported and used to control a mix and match of sounds. This is all laid out in a very user friendly format.

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