Suzie Brown Premieres New Single “Don’t Miss Too Much”


Photo by Alex Berger

Suzie Brown is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter. That is, when she’s not at her day job as a cardiologist at Vanderbilt. Brown will release a new album, Under The Surface, on July 26th, and is premiering its third single, “Don’t Miss Too Much,” below.

In “Don’t Miss Too Much,” Brown writes to her children about the fear she feels as a mother. The meticulous skills necessary for surgery are present in her music, too. Brown’s attention to detail in her lyrics and arrangements make for an immersive, emotive listen.

“I always knew how much I would love my kids,” Brown says. “I love them so much I could practically eat them. What I never expected from motherhood is how much they love me back. It brings me so much joy, but it also terrifies me. At work I see a lot of bad things happening to good young people, and I can’t help but put myself in their position and picture how my daughters would react if something bad were to happen to me. I would never want my passing to stop them from enjoying every minute of their life they can. So I wrote them this song, to tell them: don’t miss too much missing me.”

Listen “Don’t Miss Too Much” below. 



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