Thalia Releases New Macassar Ebony 2.0 Picks

Thalia Picks Ebony 2.0 Tin Pack

Thalia debuts the Macassar Ebony 2.0 Pick, a brand-new guitar pick with a lot of style and a different feel from ordinary plectrums.

According to Thalia, Macassar Ebony has a Janka Hardness rating of 3,220 lbf. This means that they are much harder than Rosewood picks, which have a warm characteristic. The new Macassar Ebony picks, on the other hand (pun intended), are a little bit brighter and punchier in nature.  Each species of wood has a completely different feel and tonal response. 

Thalia Ebony Pick 2.0 Standard Shape Tin Pack

The Macassar Ebony 2.0 is packaged in two different Pick Tins. Each tin comes in 0.9mm, 1.4mm or mixed (50/50).

The Ebony Pick Tin includes (6) Macassar Ebony 2.0 Picks in a collectible Thalia Pick tin. configurations. The 8-Pick Exotic Species Sampler Includes (4) Macassar Ebony 2.0 Picks and (4) Santos Rosewood 2.0 Picks in a collectible Thalia Pick tin. Macassar Ebony features a Janka Hardness rating of 3220 lbf, and Santos Rosewood measures at a hardness of 1960 lbf.

Thalia Ebony 2.0 8-Pick Tin Pack

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