The Black Mountain Thumb Pick Lets Players Strum And Fingerpick, Creating New Musical Possibilities

Black Mountain Thumb Picks

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

For years, guitar picks have been one-trick ponies, primarily used as a strumming accessory or to brighten your fingerstyle technique. Times have changed and many products do double duty, serving multiple purposes. Why not guitar picks?

The new Black Mountain Thumb Pick offers players the option of easily alternating between strumming and fingerpicking. The unique hybrid pick uses a patented, spring-loaded hinge that connects a thumb band to the pick itself, creating new hybrid playing options and interesting sounds. Switching between playing with your finger and picking on the fly is easier with the Black Mountain Thumb Pick.

Is your thumb fat or maybe too thin? No worries with this thumb pick. The Canadian manufacturer says their pick ergonomically adapts to various thumb sizes. It can be used with ease of multiple stringed instruments- guitar, banjo, pedal steel, mandolin, autoharp, ukulele and more.

The pick design is a modified 1.5-millimeter nylon pick with a beveled edge, which, Black Mountain says, gives players “excellent speed, string-feel, durability and tone.” Sizes range from medium to heavy and a jazz-tipped version is available. They’ve also accommodated left-hand players with a slightly modified design.

Guitarist Justin Johnson performs an instrumental version of Doc Watson’s “Deep River Blues” and showcases the possibilities the Black Mountain Pick offers in the video below:

For a limited time, American Songwriter readers are eligible for a Buy 3, get one pick FREE offer.

Black Mountain Thumb Pick

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