Daily Discovery: The Cuckoos Highlight their Psychedelic Sound on ‘I Hate Love’


Hailing from Austin, Texas, four-piece band The Cuckoos are rooted in classic rock and 70’s funk sound that certainly goes against the grain from a traditional band coming out of the Texas town that is well known for producing some of the most talented musicians this country has to offer.

This is just what The Cuckoos want.

As described by one of the band members, they’re glad that their sound is different because they ultimately want to be real and “not lumped in with anyone else.” Fans can get a sense of their style with debut album ‘I Hate Love.’

Released on January 24th, ‘I Hate Love’ has a mysterious feeling to it that almost sounds like something that would be in the soundtrack of ‘Stranger Things.’ It was produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith at the Grammy-nominated studio The Bubble. Tracks like “Lady Boy” and “Heartbreak Paradise” will launch the album to prominence, something they are relieved to be doing.

“The pressure for us was the amount of time we took to complete it. It was our first release in 3-4 years so it relieved all the weight on our shoulders.” For a new band looking to make a good first impression, debut albums are essential in creating credibility. Another significant piece to note is the fact that this is the first time that the new members of The Cuckoos have recorded anything with the original core group.

A kaleidoscopic music video was also released to give their new music a visual representation which was actually happened to be a last-minute thing; “a lot of the videos were shot guerilla style with just the group.” Unlike a typical music video that’s 3-6 minutes long, The Cuckoos released a nearly hour-long masterpiece that highlights each song.

The Cuckoos will be exhibiting their new songs while out on tour as they continue to play shows in Austin at places like Waterloo Records and Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. (ABGB). To get a complete list of tour dates and other news regarding The Cuckoos, visit them on TheCuckoosAustin.com.


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