Track Review: Ray LaMontagne, “Supernova”


ray lamontagne 2014
“I want you to be my girl.”

So goes the refrain during the chorus of Ray Lamontagne’s new single, “Supernova.” It’s such a simple request, if one that isn’t made lightly. And yet the singer/songwriter races to cram as many syllables as he can into each verse as he clamors up toward that moment of truth. Lamontagne’s rasp has always given him a breezy, laid-back feeling, but the way he meters his lyrics on “Supernova” finds him unexpectedly delivering in a cadence closer to Phil Lynott’s on Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” (while the rise of organs near the end of the song — one Soundcloud commenter astutely observes — give the song a trace of Bay City Rollers bubblegum). It’s a pop song that goes down easy, which makes it more like a ray of sunlight than a stellar explosion, but pop music doesn’t always have to make sense. The easily likable springtime feel of the song is satisfying enough on its own.

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. I think the song is GREAT. None of his albums ever sound like the last and I personally appreciate that. I like an artist to experiment and surprise me. If they all sounded the same we’d get bored by album 3 or 4 and be looking for something more. I say YES, Ray, you keep going. You always surprise and satisfy me with your music.

  2. Musicians change…go with them or move on. That’s always the challenge as fans. I like the sounds, and I’m intrigued to hear where he’ll go with it, but it’s not going to beat “God Willing…” for me. Then again, none of his albums are exactly the same. If they were, the artists would get bored too.

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