Video Gear Review: Matt O’Ree Demos Five Way Huge Guitar Pedals

Guitarist Matt O’Ree puts five Way Huge pedals to the test in his latest video series. The former Bon Jovi touring guitarist and leader of the Matt O’Ree Band has an impressive guitar and amp setup. Here, he uses a vintage Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul in the demo, so you can be certain each of these pedals is getting the best representation of sound.

Matt O’Ree demos Way Huge pedals

O’Ree tested the following Way Huge pedals, which are designed by Jeorge Tripps and distributed by Jim Dunlop. Check out how each one sounds in the videos below:

Way Huge Camel Toe Triple Overdrive Mk II:

An overdrive pedal which combines two different sides, Rhino and Llama. The Rhino gives a Tube screamer sound, with a nice boost overdrive that made playing feel silky smooth. The Llama has a heavier thicker fuzz tone, which is great for a lead setting.

Way Huge Swollen Pickle- Jumbo Fuzz MK IIs:

An overdrive distortion that O’Ree says is “more musical than other pedals I’ve played through.”

Way Huge Purple Platypus:

Octidrive MkII octave pedal similar to the Roger Mayer octave pedal, for those classic Hendrix, Robin Trower sounds.

Way Huge Saffron Squeeze compressor Mk II:

A compressor with Volume, Sustain, Gain, Tone, Attack knobs for a variety of sounds.

Way Huge Blue Hippo Analog Chorus Mk II:

An Analog Chorus Mk II for vibe and chorus sounds.

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