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AER Amps Presents: John Oates

AER Amps Presents: John Oates

During AmericanFest this year, John Oates stopped by the American Songwriter office to perform a tune he wrote with Jim Lauderdale called “When Carolina Comes Home Again.”

For the session, Oates also discusses his AER Compact 60 amp, a versatile 2-channel amp designed with the solo performer in mind. The Compact 60 offers the flexibility of running one acoustic guitar and one vocal (or two guitars) through the amp which, as Oates notes, is ideal for house concerts and smaller rooms. The amp also has a switchable DI, which can send the full signal to an external board, either pre-onboard effects, or post-onboard effects depending on the selection. This feature makes it an ideal on-stage amp and monitor and allows the artist to have full control of his sound on stage before it is sent to the main mixer. 

The session was sponsored by AER Amps. The video was shot and edited by Josh Kranich. Steve Martin recorded and edited the audio.