View The New Fender Prestige And Masterbuilt Surf Green With Envy Collection

Behold the dazzling array of Fender Masterbuilt Surf Green with Envy Collection of guitars, plus a sweet-looking matching backline of amps and drums. These new guitars, announced today, are just one of several new models from the Fender Custom Shop. Also announced, and equally impressive, is the Prestige Collection, which includes eleven special takes on classic Fender designs.

The Masterbuilt Surf Green with Envy Collection is the brainchild of master builders Paul Waller and Ron Thorn.  The pair were challenged to build their own vintage-inspired guitar painted with Fender’s iconic Surf Green finish, along with their choice of a specific vintage year.
Fender Custom Shop - Surf Green Collection

If you’re going all the way with a color scheme, you might as well spread the love to the other musical products. And so the Custom Shop team added matching amplifiers, pedals and even a custom painted Gretsch drum kit, which accompanied Master Builder Dennis Galuszka’s ‘63 Esquire® guitar. Fender revealed the collection also includes six amplifiers (sold separately) - both custom built and production line - as well as two matching effects pedals - a Boost and Tremolo - handbuilt by Fender’s Vice President, R&D, Guitars Stan Cotey. Each model in this collection is one-of-a-kind and only sold at authorized Fender Custom Shop showcase dealers in person or online.

 Master Builder Dennis Galuszka’s ‘63 Esquire® guitar with custom painted Gretsch drum kit

Each year, the Fender Custom Shop’s esteemed Master Builders are given a challenge to build a guitar with no boundaries. The team went to work and put their unique individual spin on classic Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazzmaster and P-Bass body shapes.

Check out the full collection of Prestige models below, with commentary from each Master Builder:

Yuriy Shishkov: Leaves of Tears

Scott Buehl: Acrylic Jazzmaster®

Dale Wilson: Tapestry Telecaster®

Jason Smith: Custom ‘60s P Bass® Special

Carlos Lopez: Double Neck Marauder

Kyle McMillin: Custom Burled Redwood Strat®

Todd Krause: Box Top Tele®

Chris Fleming: Jazz Telecaster

Vincent Van Trigt: Custom Flamingo Sunset Tele

Paul Waller: Sugar Surprise Strat

Dennis Galuszka: Custom ‘62 Precision Bass®

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