Watch Leah Blevins Perform “Walk Home” at Trace Horse Studio


East Kentucky native and Nashville-based singer-songwriter Leah Blevins is premiering the Live 2 Tape video of her tune “Walk Home,” her second single off her forthcoming EP Such Is Life.

“Recording to tape is something I’ve never had the opportunity to experience and I just find that the texture of the sound truly matches me from all angles,” Blevins said of the experience.

The video was recorded at Trace Horse Studios and showcases Blevins’ unique country vocal timbre, while also offering a peak at her quirky personality.

While “Walk Home” comes across as somewhat whimsical, the song was born from a real experience with co-writer Jordan Lawhead.

“I found myself walking down Gallatin [Road, in East Nashville], alone and very scared in the early hours of the morning,” said Blevins. “I called my friend Jordan Lawhead and he just listened to my story and it all stemmed from there.”

Watch the “Walk Home” video below.



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