Watch Sleater Kinney Discuss Writing ‘A New Wave’ On Fender Tracks Session

Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney dive deep into the songwriting process behind their classic 2015 song “A New Wave” on a new Fender Tracks video session, which premieres today.

Tucker cradles the American Professional II Jazzmaster and demonstrates a few of the song’s key signature riffs. “A New Wave,” she says, was “a puzzle to figure out. We did a lot of demos and tried a bunch of different things.”

Brownstein wields a Strat during the chat and explains her influences and love for fuzzed-out guitar riffs, in particular the ‘70s Turkish folk guitarist Selda Bagcan. Bagcan has developed a musical cult underground fan base and had her music sampled by Mos Def and Dr. Dre. Her playing, Brownstein says, has a “super riff-based, really fuzzed-out psych guitar player… with a corrosive underbelly and a harmonious top line. I love stuff like that.”

Sleater Kinney's Corin Tucker discusses writing "A New Wave" on the Fender Tracks series

Tucker adds that her approach and love for the song comes from its Beatles-sounding chorus. “It’s this little drop away from the crazy, psych stuff that’s happening. Almost like a late ‘60s Beatles song.”

“We used to write (with the) guitar first all the time,” Brownstein continues. “I would write the lead (riff) and she (Corin) would write the rhythm, which is often the reverse of how some people write. ‘A New Wave’ started with the lead and then we started writing the song around that.”

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