3 Songs You Didn’t Know David Bowie Wrote for Other Artists

"Tonight," Iggy Pop: Bowie and Iggy Pop's collaboration shines in "Tonight," blending enchanting percussion with Pop's captivating voice, creating a rock-disco fusion with a reggae twist.

"Music Is Lethal," Mick Ronson: Bowie's lyrical prowess complements Ronson's booming vocals on "Music Is Lethal," a track from Ronson's 1974 album, Slaughter on 10th Avenue, showcasing acoustic brilliance and vivid storytelling.

"People From Bad Homes," Ava Cherry and the Astronettes: Ava Cherry's Bowie-guided venture, "People From Bad Homes," explores societal divides with Bowie's touch, unveiling a record in 1995 that echoes their complex relationship, blending artistry and emotion.