3 Songs You Didn’t Know Patsy Lynn Russell Wrote With Her Mother Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn named her twin daughters Patsy Eileen and Peggy Jean after close friends and family. Patsy Eileen, now known as Patsy Lynn Russell, became an integral part of her mother's music career.

"These Ole Blues" (2018): Co-written by Loretta and Patsy Lynn Russell, this poignant ballad reflects on memories and transitions in life, showcased in Lynn's 40th album "Full Circle" and subsequent works.

"Ain’t No Time to Go" (2018):  Also penned by Lynn and Patsy Lynn Russell, this song from Lynn's 45th album touches on mortality and the reasons to persevere, reflecting Lynn's resilience amid health challenges.

"Still Woman Enough" featuring Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood (2021):  Written by Lynn and Patsy Lynn Russell, this empowering anthem, featured in Lynn's final album, celebrates resilience and womanhood, enriched by collaborations with country stars.