4 Best Songs Harry Styles Wrote for One Direction

"A.M.": Styles and One Direction's final album's title track, "A.M.," captures the band's camaraderie through charming lyrics about late-night conversations and endless road nights.

"Back For You": An early joint effort, "Back For You," showcases One Direction's youthful, sugary pop sound, hinting at Styles' future solo success with its anthemic, catchy, and replay-worthy qualities.

"Fool's Gold": Among the band's soothing tracks, "Fool's Gold" surprises with a lilt more akin to a singer/songwriter's album, showcasing Styles' voice in a chorus that instantly lulls the listener.

"If I Could Fly": Styles' romantic ode, "If I Could Fly," holds sentimental value, evident in his solo covers. The lyrics are swoon-worthy without being overly sentimental, highlighting Styles' songwriting finesse.