4 of the Most Underrated Classic Rock Singers of All Time

Classic rock boasts powerhouse singers with iconic voices like Jim Morrison, Ann Wilson, and Eddie Vedder. Many other talented singers often go unrecognized.

Burton Cummings:  Burton Cummings, a Canadian legend, led The Guess Who in the late 1960s and 70s. His solo success is often overlooked.

Steve Marriott:  Steve Marriott, famed for his voice and guitar skills with Small Faces and Humble Pie, deserves more recognition despite his 2012 Hall of Fame induction.

Klaus Meine:  Klaus Meine, Scorpions' singer and lyricist, is often seen as more hard rock/metal. Yet, his unique voice deserves more credit for the band's success.

Eric Burdon:  Eric Burdon, the voice of The Animals and War, was pivotal in the British Invasion. Despite his unique voice, he remains underrated in classic rock.