4 of the Most Underrated Folk Singers of All Time

Stevie Nicks, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and John Denver are iconic in folk music. However, several underrated singers deserve recognition for their unique contributions.

Janis Ian: Janis Ian gained early praise, but her 1975 album "Between The Lines" brought her commercial success. The single "At Seventeen" won a Grammy and topped the Billboard charts.

Dave Van Ronk: Dubbed “The Mayor” of McDougal Street, Dave Van Ronk's experimental sound fused various genres with folk roots, making him a standout artist in Greenwich Village during the 1960s.

Laura Marling: Laura Marling, from Eversley, Hampshire, started performing at 16. Her complex, melodic music and mature voice have earned her long-standing praise, despite her young age.

Nick Drake: Nick Drake's brief life ended at 26, yet he recorded three highly regarded albums. His unique guitar tunings and literature-inspired lyrics connect with listeners across decades.