4 Songs You Didn’t Know Boy George Wrote for Other Artists

“Electric Dreams,” P.P. Arnold (1984): Written by Boy George and Phil Pickett P.P. Arnold's title track for the 1984 film, co-written by Boy George, embraced the synth-pop era.

“Pretty Lies,” Dianne Pilkington (2002) Written by Boy George and Kevan Frost From the musical Taboo, Dianne Pilkington performed this Boy George composition, capturing the essence of the era.

“Stranger in This World,” Eaun Morton (2002): Written by Boy George, Richie Stephens, and John Themis Euan Morton's rendition of "Stranger in This World" from Taboo reflects the musical's exploration of self and identity.

“Petrified,” Paul Baker (2002): Written by Boy George, John Themis, and Richie Stevens Paul Baker's performance of "Petrified" in Taboo, written by Boy George, delves into emotions of fear and resilience.