4 Songs You Didn’t Know Phil Collins Wrote for Other Artists

"Easy Lover" - Philip Bailey ft. Phil Collins (1984): Collins co-wrote and produced this Grammy-nominated hit, showcasing a dynamic collaboration with Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire.

"Loco in Acapulco" - The Four Tops (1988): Co-written by Collins and Lamont Dozier, this track adds Latin flair to the Buster soundtrack, becoming a lively party anthem.

"Hero" - David Crosby ft. Phil Collins (1993): Collaborating with David Crosby, Collins produced and co-wrote "Hero," exploring life's complexities and the battle between good and evil.

"Everything That I Am" - Alex Rutherford, Josh Strickland, Merle Dandridge (2006): Collins wrote this emotive track for the Tarzan musical, showcasing his continued talent for crafting impactful songs for the stage.