4 Underrated Country Music Albums From the 1970s You Need To Hear

In need of a good throwback? The 1970s birthed incredible country music, launching careers of stars still making music today. Enjoy these four underrated albums!

‘Got No Bread, No Milk, No Money, But We Sure Got A Lot Of Love’ by James Talley: James Talley traded woodworking skills for studio time, recording this album in 1973 with top Nashville session performers. It's still a fan favorite.

‘Silk Purse’ by Linda Ronstadt: Though Linda Ronstadt's work is rarely underrated, Silk Purse deserves more recognition. It’s a hidden gem compared to her more popular albums.

‘Cowboys And Daddys’ by Bobby Bare: Bobby Bare, a Grand Ole Opry member and Grammy winner, released this classic 1975 album. It's a must-listen for fans of vintage country music.

‘All I Ever Meant To Do Was Sing’ by Johnny Rodriguez: Johnny Rodriguez’s second album blends traditional country with Tex-Mex energy, showcasing his innovation in 1973. It's an iconic, yet underrated, release.