5 Country Songs by The Rolling Stones

"Country Honk" from Let It Bleed: The Stones' tribute to Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams Sr., inspired by a Brazilian ranch vacation in 1968. Fiddle and lap steel guitar enhance its country feel.

"Wild Horses" from Sticky Fingers: Recorded in Alabama during their 1969 tour, "Wild Horses" captures a forlorn quality with Keith Richards experimenting on a 12-string guitar.

"Sweet Virginia" from Exile on Main St.: Set against the backdrop of the band's French recording sessions, this song exudes a party atmosphere, with lyrics reflecting the indulgences of the era.

"Far Away Eyes" from Some Girls: Jagger's Southern drawl, paired with Wood's pedal steel guitar, creates a storytelling masterpiece. It explores Bakersfield and the experience of driving alone.

"The Worst" from Voodoo Lounge: Sung by Keith Richards, this track showcases a melodic Irish influence, featuring fiddler Frankie Gavin and pianist Chuck Leavell. Richards wrote it in Barbados, drawing on Irish roots.