5 Great Albums Released 50 Years Ago This Month

Diamond Dogs by David Bowie: Bowie’s "Diamond Dogs" often gets overlooked, lacking a broader concept or distinctive period. However, tracks like “Rebel Rebel” and “1984” showcase its captivating diversity.

Bad Company by Bad Company: Bad Company’s debut, signed by Led Zeppelin’s vanity label, features classics like “Can’t Get Enough” and “Bad Company.” With only eight tracks, its impact is immense.

Too Much Too Soon by New York Dolls: New York Dolls' "Too Much Too Soon" stands as their masterpiece. The album combines polished production with their signature bratty, innuendo-laced originals, creating a gloriously messy sound.

Mr. Natural by the Bee Gees: "Mr. Natural" by the Bee Gees is often forgotten due to lack of smash hits. However, its lush pop influenced by Philly Soul, like “Had a Lot of Love Last Night,” is entrancing.

Sheet Music by 10cc: 10cc’s "Sheet Music" highlights their songwriting prowess and humor. Tracks like “The Worst Band in the World” and “The Wall Street Shuffle” blend melody and pointed messages brilliantly.