5 Hidden Parts of Beatles Songs You’ve Probably Missed

Hidden Meanings in "Please Please Me" Lyrics: The innocence of early Beatles songs masks subtle sexual frustration in "Please Please Me," revealing deeper layers beyond catchy tunes.

In-Joke in "What Goes On": Uncover a playful jab within "What Goes On": Lennon's sly retort to Starr's repeated line, adding a humorous twist to the song's dynamic.

Subtle Rhythmic Shifts in "A Day in the Life": Explore the intricate rhythm evolution within "A Day in the Life," where subtle changes in musical elements orchestrate a mesmerizing journey.

Unresolved Ambiguity in "I Am the Walrus": Beyond its cryptic lyrics, "I Am the Walrus" captivates with musical innovation, employing a spiraling motif that enhances its surreal atmosphere.

Manipulated Vocals in "Across the Universe": Discover the altered vocal speed in "Across the Universe," revealing production nuances that reshaped the perception of Lennon's poignant composition.