5 Songs You Didn’t Know Billie Joe Armstrong Wrote for Other Artists

"Radio" by Rancid (1994): A collaboration with Tim Armstrong, Billie Joe co-wrote this punk anthem with raw energy and rebellious spirit.

"Unforgiven" by The Go-Gos (2001):  Armstrong's collaboration brings a powerful punk track with confessional lyrics to The Go-Gos' album.

"Turn Me On" by The Shrives (2015):  Armstrong shares a song with UK band The Shrives, blending his punk roots with their sound.

"Broken World" by The Interrupters (2018):  Co-written with Kevin Bivona, Armstrong contributes to this ska-punk anthem tackling societal issues.

"Strangers & Thieves" by Jesse Malin feat. Billie Joe Armstrong (2019):  Armstrong collaborates with Malin, crafting poignant lyrics capturing shared experiences.