5 Songwriting Tips From Paul McCartney’s ‘The Lyrics’

Embrace Self-Taught Creativity: McCartney credits The Beatles' success to their informal, self-taught approach, finding joy in making music without formal training.

Invoke Diverse Influences: McCartney advises drawing inspiration from other artists to alleviate anxiety in songwriting, creating a unique character for your composition.

Break Grammar Rules for Impact: Don't fear bending grammar rules; McCartney highlights the effectiveness of linguistic liberties, citing Elvis Presley's double negative in songwriting.

Embrace Conventional Themes: While experimentation is laudable, McCartney encourages embracing conventional topics like love, asserting its universal importance in songwriting.

Allow Natural Inspiration: Instead of forcing creativity, let it come naturally. McCartney emphasizes the magic in songwriting, advocating for a patient, receptive approach to the creative process.