5 “The” Bands in 2000s Post-Punk and New Wave Rock

The Strokes: Led the 2000s rock revolution with Is This It. Julian Casablancas' prolific songwriting set a new standard in cool, defining the era.

The White Stripes: Jack White's duo stormed the scene with ferocity. Commercial breakthrough White Blood Cells and anthemic "Seven Nation Army" left an indelible mark.

The Killers: Hot Fuss (2004) marked a post-punk and new wave homage. "Mr. Brightside" defined the decade, making them one of its biggest-selling rock bands.

The Hives: Swedish punk-inspired rockers, The Hives, wore tuxedos and rocked America with Veni Vidi Vicious. "Hate to Say I Told You So" defined the garage rock revival.

The Libertines: London's chaotic force, spearheaded by Carl Barât and Pete Doherty. The Libertines revived British rock, but internal strife led to a brief 2004 breakup.