6 Best Mics for Under $100 of 2024

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Shure SM58: The Shure SM58 is a golden standard in the current music industry, making it a fantastic choice for... well, pretty much everyone.

Best Overall

JBehringer XM8500: The Behringer XM8500 manages to offer pretty much the same experience as the Shure SM58 — but at half the price.

Best for Tight Budgets

Audio-Technica AT2020: The Audio Technica AT2020 is maybe the best condenser mic available at this price range, making it a solid choice for home recording setups.

Best Condenser Mic

PreSonus Revelator: The PreSonus Revelator is a top pick for anyone looking for a plug-and-play experience, as it's one of the few USB microphones in this price range.

Best USB Microphone

Shure 545SD: The Shure 545SD is very similar to the Shure SM58, but better suited for recording instruments rather than playing live or tracking vocals.

Best for Instruments