6 of the Most Misunderstood Songs in Rock History

“Fortunate Son” (Creedence Clearwater Revival): Misinterpreted as a patriotic anthem, it's John Fogerty's anti-war protest against the Vietnam conflict.

“Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” (The Beatles): Despite John Lennon's denial, fans link it to LSD due to the era, ignoring Julian's drawing inspiration.

“Born in the U.S.A” (Bruce Springsteen): Mistaken for a patriotic anthem, it's Springsteen's anti-war response to the Vietnam draft and conflict.

“Every Breath You Take” (The Police): Often seen as a romantic song, it's Sting's sinister take on obsession and stalking.

“Summer of ’69” (Bryan Adams): Beyond nostalgia, Adams reveals a sexual undertone, using "’69" as a metaphor for making love.

“Hotel California” (Eagles): Subject to varied interpretations, band members differ, with Henley citing the end of innocence and Frey focusing on creating something weird.