7 Best Clean Boost Pedals of 2024

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Xotic EP Booster Mini Boost Pedal: A simple, affordable pedal that transparently boosts your signal.

Best Overall

Keeley Katana Mini Clean Boost Pedal: This mini pedal will help any guitar tone slice right through the mix.

Runner - Up

TC Electronic Spark Mini Boost Pedal: An impressively affordable way to add some strength and impact to your sound.

Most Budget-Friendly Pedal

TC Electronic Spark Booster Pedal: A fun way to boost your signal and even add some character to it.

Best for Tone Sculpting

EarthQuaker Devices Arrows V2 Preamp Booster Pedal: Seamlessly add transparent boost to your signal with the touch of a button.

Best for Live Shows

Fender Engager Boost Pedal: Use this pedal to transparently boost your signal, and make some EQ adjustments as well.

Most Versatile

JHS Morning Glory V4 Transparent Overdrive: Whether you play clean or distorted, this pedal will help your guitar cut through the mix.

Best Clean/Overdrive Pedal