7 Best Portable PA Systems of 2024

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Mackie Showbox: The Mackie Showbox is a well-rounded portable PA system perfect for the expert entertainer and the beginning performer alike. It comes with high-quality sound at a respectable price, another reason to add the Showbox to your arsenal.

Best Overall

JBL IRX ONE: The JBL IRX ONE is easily the most portable PA system on our list today. It comes with an ergonomic design that will let you set it up in just a few moments.

Best for Portability

Electro-Voice Evolve 50: The Electro-Voice Evolve 50 provides excellent sound quality through its three-component system and 1,000W of peak power. It also gives you excellent coverage no matter the environment you play in.

Best Portable Column

Bose S1 Pro: This incredibly lightweight portable PA system features an impressive battery life, a wide frequency response, and plenty of connection options.

Best Budget

Bose L1 Pro16: If you liked the Bose S1 Pro, you'll love the Bose L1 Pro16. Bose took everything we enjoyed about their budget model and turned it up to 11 for their premier option.

Best Premium

JBL EON One: We love that the JBL EON One comes with both a built-in rechargeable battery option and an AC cable connection.

Best Rechargeable Battery