9 of Gene Simmons’ Favorite Songs—Including KISS and Van Halen

“Sleep Walk,” Santo & Johnny (1959): Gene Simmons praises the unique allure of Santo & Johnny's Latin-flavored instrumental, recalling KISS's own instrumental on their 1974 debut.

“Baby Workout,” Jackie Wilson (1963): Simmons acknowledges Jackie Wilson's acrobatic flair and influence on lead singers, highlighting the R&B hit "Baby Workout."

“Concrete and Clay,” Unit 4 + 2 (1965): Simmons explores the unconventional influences of British pop group Unit 4 + 2, admiring their blend of Bossa Nova and jazz.

“Friday On My Mind,” The Easybeats (1966): Reflecting on the Easybeats' hit, Simmons notes its connection to AC/DC and praises its non-blues-based, energetic chords.

“Love’s Theme,” Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra (1974): Simmons discusses Barry White's impact, praising his orchestral arrangements and unique voice in the pre-rap era.

“Magic,” Pilot (1974): Simmons commends Scottish band Pilot's "Magic" for combining the best of English pop music with Alan Parsons' production.

“Goin’ Blind,” KISS (1974): Simmons reveals "Goin' Blind" as his favorite KISS song, expressing its romanticism and inspiration from "The Old Man and The Sea."

“Running with the Devil,” Van Halen (1978): Simmons recalls discovering Van Halen and producing their demo, emphasizing their club band origins and early days.

“Rock and Roll All Nite,” Toad the Wet Sprocket (1994): Simmons prefers Toad the Wet Sprocket's rendition of KISS's iconic song, appreciating the band's unique take on the tribute album.