Classic Rock Albums That Led to Band Breakups

Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac (1987): Buckingham's frustration over commitment led to a breakup. Despite touring later, the Rumours-era lineup never recorded another album.

The Final Cut by Pink Floyd (1983): Waters' dominance on a personal antiwar statement caused irreparable rift; he was permanently removed, leading to a lasting division in the band.

Kilroy Was Here by Styx (1983): Dennis DeYoung's sci-fi concept sparked infighting, though the album was successful. It didn't break up the band but hindered the classic lineup's momentum.

The Long Run by the Eagles (1979): Post-Hotel California success led to internal discontent. The album took 18 months to record, and onstage hostilities between Frey and Felder marked the band's breakup.

Let It Be by The Beatles (1970): The Let It Be project's bad blood and lingering dissensions splintered The Beatles. The album was released post-breakup, as the Fab Four went their separate ways.