Johnny Cash's 1955 debut singles: "Hey Porter" and "Cry! Cry! Cry!" origins and impact.

Formation of the Tennessee Two:  Cash's band, the Tennessee Two, played a key role in developing his signature "boom-chicka-boom" sound.

Audition at Sun Records: Despite initial rejection, Cash persisted and auditioned at Sun Records, recording his debut singles "Hey Porter" and "Cry! Cry! Cry!"

"Hey Porter":  Released in 1955, this train-themed song marked Cash's journey home and became a classic, covered by artists like Hank Williams Jr.

"Cry! Cry! Cry!":  This 1955 release, suggested by Sun Records founder Sam Phillips, portrays the end of a relationship and charted on Billboard.

Legacy and Covers:  Cash's early singles laid the foundation for his iconic career, influencing generations and receiving covers by various artists.