Ranking the 5 Best Beatles Songs Likely Written About Paul McCartney's '60s Girlfriend Jane Asher

"I'm Looking Through You": McCartney's reflection on trust issues with Asher, where appearances deceive and love fades overnight, capturing the fickleness of romance.

"Things We Said Today":  A Hard Day’s Night track hinting at fleeting love, with future concerns suggesting McCartney sensed the brevity of his time with Asher.

"You Won't See Me": Reflecting the frustration of a strained relationship due to busy schedules, hinting at a fading hope for a happy reunion.

"We Can Work It Out": McCartney's optimism clashes with Lennon's realism, showcasing hope amidst relationship struggles, possibly portraying McCartney's outlook on reconciling with Asher.

"Here, There and Everywhere": A timeless ballad inspired by Asher and Brian Wilson, evoking settled, reassuring love amidst life's chaos, capturing the heights their union once reached.