Songs You Didn't Know Jackson Browne Wrote for Other Artists

1. "These Days" - Nico

Browne wrote this song when he was 16, about regret and loss.

2. “She's a Flying Thing" Steve Noonan

The song was written by Jackson Browne and first recorded by Steve Noonan on his first and only album in 1968,

3. “Jamaica Say You Will” The Byrds

Though it’s a song Browne had written for himself and recorded on his 1972 self-titled debut, “Jamaica Say You Will” was first released by The Byrds on their 10th album, Byrdmaniax.

4. “Take It Easy” Eagles 

Originally written by Browne for his 1972 debut, the song was later co-written with his friend, the late Eagles vocalist Glenn Frey,

5.“Tenderness on the Block” Warren Zevon

Aside from producing Zevon's album, Browne also penned “Tenderness on the Block,” the tale of a young woman’s coming of age, and falling in love, from a father’s perspective.