The 8 Best Pop Icons of the 1980s

Prince: Like Dolly Parton, Prince released numerous LPs. His '80s solo albums, notably Purple Rain (1984), brought household fame.

Michael Jackson: His iconic in the '80s, Michael Jackson's Thriller (1982) and Bad defined pop with sequins and moonwalk.

David Bowie: His '80s albums, including Let's Dance, showcased his timeless iconography and genre-spanning artistry.

Whitney Houston:  Her '80s albums, especially Whitney (1987), paved the way for later hits, spotlighting her voice and charm.

Madonna: Her '80s dominance birthed hits like "Material Girl." Four albums, including Like a Virgin, solidified her pop reign.

George Michael:  WHAM! to solo sensation, George Michael's '80s hits like "Careless Whisper" and "Faith" made him an icon.

Cyndi Lauper:  Cyndi Lauper's debut, She's So Unusual (1983), gifted anthems "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and "Time After Time."

Lionel Richie: His '80s solo albums, featuring hits like "Hello," made him a pop fixture, influencing generations.