The Band John Lennon Considered the “Sons of the Beatles”

The Beatles are universally recognized as one of the greatest bands ever. Being compared to them is a high honor few bands achieve.

According to John Lennon, Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) are the “sons of the Beatles.” Lennon saw ELO as genuine successors, not imitators.

Before ELO, Jeff Lynne played in The Idle Race, who visited Abbey Road and were influenced by the Beatles’ "The White Album," shaping Lynne’s music.

ELO was founded in 1970, heavily inspired by the Beatles. Lennon publicly praised Lynne and ELO on a radio show, calling them his musical heirs.

Lennon admired ELO's song "Showdown," believing it deserved more success. He felt ELO continued the Beatles' experimental legacy, especially from "Walrus."