The Beatles Song That “Absolutely Floored” David Crosby

The Beatles are admired for their unique sonic direction, risk-taking, innovation, and humor. David Crosby found "Eleanor Rigby" particularly inspiring.

Crosby, a member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, considered "Eleanor Rigby" one of the best Beatles songs, highlighting its focus on society's forgotten lonely people.

Crosby praised the song's narrative, noting that it was brave and compassionate to write about the lonely, old, and forgotten individuals in society.

Paul McCartney aimed to evoke empathy with the song, portraying loneliness through the character of Eleanor Rigby, who dreams while picking up rice after a wedding.

McCartney emphasized making the song poignant by illustrating Eleanor's loneliness and her unfulfilled dreams, which deeply resonated with Crosby.