The Best Female Vocalists of the 21st Century

Brandi Carlile:  From busking to national acclaim, Carlile's powerful voice resonates. She's bridging generations, sharing stages with icons like Joni Mitchell.

Taylor Swift:  Swift's genre-hopping prowess matches her global appeal. Empowering youth through music, she's a hit-songwriting phenomenon and a cultural force.

Beyoncé:  Queen B's dominance spans genres, showcased in her Renaissance World Tour. With a satin-soulful voice, she sets the standard for frontwomen.

Lady Gaga:  A pop chameleon and captivating performer, Lady Gaga shines on stage and screen with her dynamic voice and versatility.

Katy Perry:  Perry's larger-than-life persona and recognizable voice set a spectacle standard. She reigns as a pop legend, blending oddity with catchy tunes.

Amy Winehouse: Effortlessly dynamic, Winehouse's talent transcends time. Her unparalleled vocals left an indelible mark on music, though her legacy was cut short.

Mariah Carey:  More than a Christmas queen, Carey's vocal range astounds. Her timeless hits inspire, showcasing her ear-splitting prowess for good.

Miley Cyrus:  Cyrus's raw, powerful voice cuts through genres. With hit singles and mesmerizing covers, she's a versatile pop sensation.

Christina Aguilera: Aguilera's stunning voice transcends languages, captivating audiences with bilingual prowess. Her vocal prowess is unavoidable and awe-inspiring.

Adele:  Adele's voice is a force of nature, commanding attention with every note. With unparalleled vocal prowess, she's a modern singing icon.

Norah Jones:  Jones's whisper can touch souls, delivering messages from the divine. Her jazz prowess and natural charm make her unforgettable.

Lainey Wilson:  Wilson's country charm and burning talent shine bright. Her electrifying performances and hit singles mark her as a rising star.

Alicia Keys:  Poised and graceful, Keys exudes elegance and strength. A musical luminary, she holds the secret to universal resonance within her songs.