The Meaning Behind “Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney & Wings

Recording "Live and Let Die" (1973):  Wings, led by Paul McCartney, recorded the iconic song for a James Bond film but excluded it from their album, sparking controversy over the singer.

McCartney's Post-Beatles Struggles (Early 1970s): After Beatles, McCartney faced depression and criticism. Forming Wings, their debut "Wild Life" received mixed reviews. McCartney needed a hit.

Red Rose Speedway and Band on the Run (1973): Despite the success of "Red Rose Speedway," McCartney edited it to a single album. The move paved the way for the acclaimed "Band on the Run."

Writing the James Bond Theme (1973):  McCartney wrote the Bond theme in a day for "Live and Let Die." He insisted Wings perform it, and George Martin produced the song.

Legacy and Cover Versions (1991-2001):  Guns N' Roses covered the song in 1991. The song faced controversy post-9/11, and McCartney's demo for the Bond theme was initially underestimated.