The Meaning Behind Megan Moroney’s Breakout Hit “Tennessee Orange”

Triumphant Debut Megan Moroney's first country single, "Tennessee Orange," emerged as a viral sensation in late 2022. Co-written with industry talents, the song's success led to a major label deal with Arista Nashville and a Song of the Year nomination at the 2023 CMA Awards.

Playful Love Admission: Moroney's hit is a playful yet honest declaration of love, with songwriter Ben Williams sharing the intriguing backstory. The song originated from Megan's first Nashville co-write, highlighting the collaborative process and the meaningful adjustments made before its success.

Georgia Fan's Touch:  The song's creation involved spontaneous changes, reflecting Moroney's passion for her home state, Georgia. The addition of a line expressing support for Georgia's dogs emphasized her loyalty, resonating strongly with live audiences.