The Song Michael Jackson Didn’t Want to Play for Princess Di: The Real Meaning Behind the King’s “Dirty Diana”

Origins of "Dirty Diana": Michael Jackson clarified that "Dirty Diana" is about groupies, not Lady Diana or Diana Ross, explaining the inspiration behind the song.

Groupie Life Story: Jackson loved "Dirty Diana" as it portrayed a life story of a groupie, drawing from his experiences on the road.

Performance Dilemma for Princess Diana: When Princess Diana attended Jackson's concert, he initially removed "Dirty Diana" to avoid misinterpretation. She insisted he perform it.

Harder Rock Approach: "Dirty Diana" showcased a harder rock style, a departure from Jackson's usual sound, featuring Steve Stevens on guitar.

Global Success: Achieving No. 1 in the US, Belgium, and Eurochart Hot 100, "Dirty Diana" attained Top 10 status in numerous countries worldwide.