The Story Behind How Rock Critic Richard Meltzer Helped Write Blue Öyster Cult’s 1981 Hit “Burnin’ for You”

Richard Meltzer's Contribution: Rock critic Richard Meltzer wrote "Burnin' For You" for Blue Öyster Cult's eighth album, a track that became a major hit.

Collaborative Songwriting: Meltzer often left typewritten lyrics for the band to work with, much like Patti Smith. Don Roeser adapted and co-wrote the song.

Origins of the Song: Initially titled "Burn Out The Night," the song underwent changes, and Buck Dharma decided to give it to Blue Öyster Cult.

Lyrical Themes: The lyrics reflect a longing for home, an anything-goes mentality in the chorus, and a contemplation on the essence and limitations of time.

Success and Music Video: "Burnin' For You" topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, making it a hit. The accompanying music video was shot in storm drains, evoking a Hollywood feel.